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image  1 Most valuable football brands of 2021
May 26, 2021

#BayernMunich Crowned World’s Strongest #Football #Brand as #ESL Fallout Damages #Europe’s Elite.

Failed #European Super League project adversely impacts founding clubs’ brand strength and knocks €600 million off brand values.

Unaffected by ESL fiasco, Bayern Munich claims title of world’s strongest football brand, with elite AAA+ brand rating, and tops ranking for enterprise value for first time, standing at €3,606 million.

#RealMadrid, #Barcelona, and #ManchesterUnited maintain positions as world’s most valuable football club brands ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively in Brand #Finance Football 50 2021.

#ManchesterCity hot on heels of rivals Manchester United, now only 1% lower in brand value
Clubs hoping to sack COVID-19 in 21/22 season and reopen doors to fans, as total brand value falls 11.2% on weaker #revenue.

English clubs represent 43% of total brand value within top 50, with several German, Spanish, Italian, French clubs and sole representatives from the Netherlands, Russia, and Portugal featuring too. No representation from outside Europe.

Gazprom supplying Zenit St Petersburg with energy as Russian outfit boasts highest brand value growth in ranking, up 35% and jumping from 49th to 33rd spot.